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A Leader Who LISTENS!


I am running to represent YOU and the shared values of the people of Suffield, East Granby and Windsor.  Our state has been devastated by the effects of COVID-19.  As your State Representative, I will use my extensive business experience to bring us a better future and to help solve Connecticut’s economic challenges.


Who I am

  • A resident of Suffield since 1987
  • Currently serving as the elected Town Treasurer
  • A dedicated husband, and father, and public servant, who cares about our future


Why I am qualified 

  • Have retained or created hundreds of jobs, benefiting both the local and national economy
  • Am an MBA/CPA, entrepreneur and small business owner with 30+ years of Connecticut and national business experience
  • Have added over $1 billion in wealth for employees, shareholders, customers, the supply chain, and the community 


As your State Representative, I will work to: 

  • Use my extensive business experience to help Connecticut’s economy recover from the effects of COVID-19
  • Balance Connecticut’s budget through enhancing current sources of revenue and by finding and adding new, innovative sources of revenue to minimize or eliminate tax increases.
  • Develop a strategic plan to create jobs, promote economic growth, spend responsibly, and revitalize our economy
  • Ensure access to affordable healthcare for ALL Connecticut residents
  • Support our teachers and public education, ensuring that all of Connecticut’s towns and cities are able to provide a safe, quality, free, and accessible public education from preschool through trade school and community college with a solid education-to-job pipeline.
  • Repair our deteriorating infrastructure and improve our transportation system.
  • Protect the environment, with an emphasis on renewable energy.
  • Advance civil rights for ALL of Connecticut’s residents.
  • Advance senior citizen’s issues.
  • Work for the reduction of gun violence in Connecticut.

If you have any questions about Jack or the campaign, or if you would like to reach us for any other reason, please click on the Contact tab at the top of the page to ask your questions.  They will be answered directly or on the FAQ page.  For regular campaign updates, sign up below to receive campaign emails.

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This message was paid for by Henrie for 61st, Tom Frenaye, Treasurer.  This message has been approved by Jack Henrie.
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