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Jack Henrie on the Issues

“Our District needs a representative whose business experience will help create a strategic plan for Connecticut.  I will promote growth and fiscal responsibility while ensuring that the people of our District and of Connecticut receive the services that they deserve.”


As your State Representative, I will use my extensive business background to address our District’s needs to:

  • Balance Connecticut’s budget through enhancing current sources of revenue and finding/adding new, innovative sources of revenue to minimize or eliminate tax increases.
  • Invest in our future through creating jobs; improving infrastructure, transportation, and education; ensuring that ALL Connecticut residents have access to quality affordable health care; and through protecting consumers, the environment, net neutrality, and democracy.
  • Advance civil rights for ALL of Connecticut’s residents.
  • Advance Senior citizen’s issues.
  • Support sensible gun reform.

Speaking about this, Jack has stated, “One specific issue that led me to run for State Representative was the knowledge of my opponent's vote against banning bump stocks.  I’m for the right of hunters and others to own guns, but not for the right of people to hunt others, especially with weapons capable of mass murder.”

This message was paid for by Henrie for 61st, Tom Frenaye, Treasurer.  This message has been approved by Jack Henrie.
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